The non-rusting Vulkan ribbed tube heater impresses in every respect:

  • economical thanks to the integrated temperature regulator
  • robust in line with 60 years of Vulkan tradition
  • corrosion-resistant as it is produced entirely from stainless steel
  • splash-proof all models, without exception
  • elegant thanks to the attractively designed cover as an accessory
  • space-saving due to the low level of wall utilisation – also mountable on wood without a substrate
  • safe all models are SEV-tested and bear their safety symbol
  • inexpensive thanks to the good combination of the advantages referred to


Whether as frost protection or space heating, the non-rusting ribbed tube radiator is ideally suited for: living rooms (with cover), bathrooms and toilets, laundry and drying rooms, damp rooms and rooms at risk of corrosion in manufacturing industry, laboratories or workshops, construction and living quarters, stables etc.