Company Profile

The demands placed on electrothermal heating units vary to a high degree in practice. They have to prove their worth not only in harsh industrial environments, but also in stationary laboratory operations.
We develop and produce the necessary key products for this and provide all the essential services ourselves. As a result, we are able to specifically accommodate any customer wish with respect to handling and serviceability.
All heating devices and heating systems manufactured by us meet the strictest quality standards and never left our factory without the technical standard-compliant final testing and documentation. Our customers expect professional and expert order processing.

We consider our customers to be part of our firm and hope that they feel free to express any criticism which they feel is reasonable with respect to our products and services. We carry out the project planning for all of the electrothermal components and control systems of a plant ourselves fully in accordance with your specific requirements. At our factory in Rorschach we have a mechanical workshop with the subsections of a metalworking shop, body shop and non-ferrous metal foundry, as well as an electrical workshop with the subsections of assembly, wiring and heating element production. We are able to execute orders quickly, flexibly and with an optimum price performance ratio as a total package.